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Gyproc Moisture Resistant Boards

Gyproc Moisture Resistant Board is a gypsum board with water repellent additives at the core, encased in a special green paper liner. The gypsum compound and papers are mixed with special substances to specifically increase moisture resistance and non-combustible.

These boards are highly suitable as bases for ceramic tiling and marble in intermittent moisture areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, and also external soffits in sheltered positions.

Made from 100% natural gypsum, Gyproc Moisture Resistant Board is produced with leading-edge technology with high quality and international standards recognition.

Tam thach cao chong am chong chay lan Gyproc

Tính năng nổi trội

  • Water absorption: < 5% w/w (ASTM C1396)
  • Flammability: non-combustible material (QCVN 06-2010 and EN ISO 1182)
  • Thermal conductivity: K = 0.16 - 0.17 (W/m.K) (QCVN 09: 2013)


  • Extra moisture resistance property
  • Lightweight material
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Does not produce toxic fumes or hazardous substances that are harmful to health
  • Highly flexible in creating the highest standards of design
  • Easily decorated with paint, tiles, wallpaper, etc.
  • Easy to bend to create unique design ideas

Product matrix


  • Suitable for ceilings (with 9mm thickness) and drywalls (with ≥ 12.5mm thickness) of private houses, hotels, and commercial centeres...
  • Suitable as a base for ceramic tiling of wet use areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also used for external soffits in sheltered positions

Manufacturing Standards

  • TCVN 8256:2009
  • European Standard EN 520:2004
  • American Standard ASTM C1396-14A

Nhận diện tấm

Light green face paper
Green endtape

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