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Theo dõi bản tin Gyproc

WCM Facilitator

Vị trí : Hiep Phuoc Plant

Ref : Gyproc

Major responsibilities :

  • To ensure World Class Manufacturing operating standards are designed and implemented proposing any changes in working practices, new process and plant developments.
  • Support the management team in the review of progress and the identification and implementation of countermeasures to ensure the World Class Manufacturing program is achieved.
  • Collect, collate and analyse data to chart progress of the plant against the World Class Manufacturing plan, recommending countermeasures to overcome adverse variances.
  • Ensure communications are fully deployed and answers to questions/points of clarification are actioned on a timely basis to deliver the required understanding and commitment to WCM.
  • Train employees as required in the approach, tasks and techniques of WCM and review effectiveness of the training.
  • Coach and support teams to enable them to meet the deadlines of the World Class Manufacturing program milestone plan.
  • In liaison with Engineering, Technical and Operational functions define, establish, fully deploy and continuously improve “best practice” for process, engineering or working procedures across the site.
  • Track benefits of the program across the site and report cumulative progress to the local Management Team and Regional WCM Facilitator
  • Follow the rules and standards of EHS management system.

Job requirements :

  • Bachelor of Technical/Industrial Systems Engineering
  • Have working experience in manufacturing, project
  • Good at English and computer skills.

Please contact Ms. Đoan Lê at email address doan.le@saint-gobain.com for further information and application.

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