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Sound insulation performance Sound Insulation

Noise can bring discomfort in many different situations. It is also considered to be one of the dangerous pollutants that can be harmful to human health.

Cách âm

People talking, phones ringing, loud equipment and even traffic noise all disturb conversation, reduce concentration and raise stress levels. Scientific studies have also proved that exposure to chronic noise levels can cause deficits in attention, auditory discrimination, speech perception, memory levels, reading ability and test performance in children. 

Obviously, noise control is a real challenge for building designers.

Cách âm

Noise Solutions

Gyproc - Vinh Tuong offers a variety of insulation solutions that can help to tackle this challenge. 

Tried and tested, these products and systems are specifically designed to decrease unwanted noise by significantly reducing sound transmission from one place to the other. Our sound solutions can limit noise disturbances so that different inhabitants of the same or adjoining premises can carry out their tasks within a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Whether you are building homes, offices, or facilities for education, healthcare or leisure, upgrading to Gyproc - Vinh Tuong sound solutions for your new or renovated building is a wise long-term investment that helps to improve the quality of living spaces.

Market sectors

This performance is particulary helpful in the following sectors.

Systems and solutions recommended for this performance

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